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Construction Services

When construction starts, rely on our engineers and technicians to oversee your investment.  We will be there giving you piece of mind knowing that every detail is built to your vision. 


OMM Engineering , Inc. maintains a highly qualified staff.  Our resident inspectors are accountable for the project delivery including all related documentation and quality control and testing to assure the project is constructed in accordance with the project documents.

OMM Engineering, Inc. has staff with the following certifications:

  • EGLE Certified Storm Water Operator

  • MDOT Density Technician

  • ACI/MCA Concrete Field Testing Tech - Grade 1

  • MDOT Hot Mix Paving Operations

  • MDOT Materials Acceptance Certified

  • MDOT Field Manager Certified

  • MDOT Computerized Office Technician

  • MDOT Prevailing Wage Training

  • EGLE SESC Plan Review and Design

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